Creating or relying on intellectual property is at the core of many businesses.

Maximizing your intellectual property assets builds a strong bottom line. The expertise I bring has consistently contributed to organizational profitability and success.

My services can help you protect and effectively exploit your intellectual property:

  • Management and auditing of IP assets
  • Drafting and negotiating agreements and licences
  • Provide real time business advice in response to your legal intellectual property issues
  • Lobby government on regulations that affect your business



Commercial Agreements.
Licensing and distribution agreements.
Assignment agreements.
Development and supplier agreements.
Confidentiality agreements.
Letters of intent.
Security agreements.
Terms of use agreements.
Review of agreements.
Government relations.
Submissions to Regulatory panels and tribunals.
Cease and desist letters and enforcement of intellectual property rights.
Validity and registration opinions.
Responding to objections from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.
Management of copyright, trade mark and domain name portfolios.
I also provide a range of legal services including commercial contracts and leases, assignment and licensing agreements, solutions to competition issues and privacy regulation.